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Application scenario

example 1

 (Your child can listen to our fairy tales any time by calling the landline phone.

Go to website in order to activate it and use 30-day trail period for free.

Set up an account in the service and provide telephone numbers, from which it will be possible to call in order to listen to fairy tales.

You can select favourite fairy tales from the fairy tale catalogue and create your own playlist. You can select fairy tales in Polish and English.)

Have a nice listening!



Example 2

Would you like to surprise your children?

You can prepare an extraordinary present for your children for their birthday, without any special occasion or when you are e.g. on a business trip. Set up an account in the service and go to the option of recording an own fairy tale. After recording the text, set time and date in the system so that it will know when to call your child.

Your child will be pleasantly surprised by listening to the phone fairy tale that was recorded especially for him or her!


example 3


If you plan to spend time with your child in an enjoyable way visit our website!

See our advertising banner on  and listen to the advantages of a read fairy tale over the one to be watched.

Set up an account in the service and listen to the fairy tales together with your child by the speakerphone system. In the meantime, you can also print drawing books for our fairy tales and develop imagination of your child in this way!

Feel Invited.





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